In bed kinda bored lets chat

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What's up some of yesterday's makeup on? It was too lazy to take a shower last night. Still have bad hair. Chta feel like I need to.

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What's up some of yesterday's makeup on? It was too lazy to take a shower last night. Still have bad hair. Don't feel like I need to. Totally be dressed. Dogs are freaking out thinking that there's people coming over. Just cleaning my face saying if anybody will come talk to me. It's amazing how much you think you get all your makeup off and you really don't.

I'm gonna put on a face but not really put on a face. Say hi when you hop on. Otherwise, I just feel like I'm talking to myself, I did redo my nails last night as you saw. I just used up the end copake falls ny milf personals two boxes.

Kinda bored tonite wanna chat

Who cares no care is given? This lip conditioner is like a bomb. Gotta let everything dry. Way too much hair. What am I doing? So I got my lotion on. Still, A little dry or a little not dried still has to dry. That's the word I'm looking for. Hi, Julie Happy Sunday.

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You're saying quarantine well. I will keep you posted when those lip glosses come in cuz I was really Super bummed like bombed almost to the point of tears because I wanted those freaking lip glosses so bad. I feel like my lighting is kinda funny. It's the only thing that keeps me saying right now. And it's my only way to like talk to people that aren't my family. I'm still in my jammies still got bed bes. So I think for today I am going to.

Like my lighting is kinda funny Do half of my face in the BB cream kinra half of my face in the CC cream. Giving like all the light from behind me. The balance aurora6439 adult personals little bit so. Yeah, these are my My leftovers boxes so like they don't totally fit a hundred percent, but. It took me like five minutes and it was free so we're fine.

Now those my kiss nail collection.

I mean they look pretty like legit. Even though they're two different. Brands or two different styles colors, whatever. But the last me for just about two weeks so Mike well two weeks. Why not. And I've got the CC cream in the light one.

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So, So one is a color control, and then this is like let just a beauty balm. So I've got my my sponge. They're just kind of a nice light.

Kinda cream and you can kinda see like I've got quite a bit of Red marks. Just my natural lest pigmentation for being so White. Let me just see the top of my hair. It definitely is not like a full coverage foundation.

In bed kinda bored lets chat

Which is nice, but it just gives you kind of enough to even out like you can't even really tell. Difference maybe just a little bit. I'm still Red on this side and I'm not so Red on this one. This is the BB cream and this is the CC cream.

In bed kinda bored lets chat

The Hi Broke eyeliner pencil but I didn't get that far today, so we're just gonna forget it. Cuz I don't wanna put that palminteri on today, I'm being kinda lazy.

As a Replacement for some brow stuff. So, So we gotta be thrifty that might be too dark. Also dedication, Bbed afraid these are gonna pop off now. So, let's just see so I'm gonna use the Middle color. Hi Amanda from the Face, Brown eye shadow.

Let's just jinda how this oh that's really Red. Oh well. That's maybe do the darker one. Focus Okay there we go. Cuz I don't plan on doing anything today. This is just like a dollar store pencil. I did order a brow pencil in my bulk order. Oh, that doesn't hey, so I'm kinda mixing yup these two together cuz I usually like like a little bit more of an Auburn.

So I like it to have a little bit of a Red tint just because I have Red hair.

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Isn't bad. This is why kinds should just never be afraid to try things. Cuz you can always wipe it off and start over. I'm honestly pleasantly surprised. Ts escorts scottsdale may have to start using this as my day today. Cuz I'm kind of liking how this is turning out. So this is just our vice Brown eye shadow palette and I've now turned into probably my brow palette. So it kinda goes to show like how versatile letts products can be.

As long as you're not afraid to try. And I'm not putting much on.

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That's why I'm kind of having to go back and. Put more on every time. I'm prostitution montreal. Kinda digging this. I'm not gonna lie, kinda happy. I was lazy today. I probably would have never tried this otherwise. The benefits of being lazy. I'm not disappointed in that.

Help i'm bored!!!!

Not at all. We do have a clear brow gel that you could put over this obred you wanted it to stay a little better, but you know cuz we're all so amped to go places right now. I'm not I'm not disappointed. I'm not hating this. I kind of like this, not gonna lie. I did order Some eye shadow brushes as well, just so I've liked the other ones that I've gotten, but just so I don't have to keep using my other company.

So I'm just hoppers crossing girls number for sex chat keep going with this palette device Brown so I combined. Cuz we can go a little neutral today I know my kids yesterday kept asking me why I got dressed up and I said because I wanted to talk to people.

In bed kinda bored lets chat

So just a nice little shimmer. Nothing too out there like yesterday is.

In bed kinda bored lets chat

I'm kinda shocked at how actually get these brows turned out vored as an eye shadow palette, so it is a powder, but I did put my my beauty balm or my foundation on first, so I was feel like that kinda gives it something kiinda stick to now if if that's true, I have no idea. I will be drawing for the. It's fair, so I'm not just dry names out of a hat.